Loop - the frame that connects your family

Keep everyone in the Loop. 

Instantly share pictures and video with your family from anywhere in the world.

Incredibly simple to use

Share with one tap on your phone

Share special moments or even day to day life. It won't be posted on social media so you can be yourself. Add a short message to make it personal. 

Magically beams into your home

Shows up instantly, anywhere in the world. The picture will be waiting for you, a special surprise each day. Use the knobs to easily scroll back and forth through photos.

Create family channels

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Multiple people can connect to Loop

Invite the whole family with the free app


Streams from Instagram, Facebook, Google and Apple shared albums

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Comment on your favorite photos

10" Screen

Big enough that all the pictures look bright and full. Compact enough that it fits anywhere in the home. 

Easy setup

Sets up in 2 minutes. Just plug it in and Loop walks you through the steps. 

Perfect gift

Share special moments or even day to day life. Pictures will be waiting for her, a special surprise each day. Its the gift that keeps giving.

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